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Sci-fi script for client advances in major screenwriting competition!

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This year I was hired to rewrite the Aussie sci-fi script, KINDRED (story by Josh Bryer).

Aussie sci-fi script KINDRED screenwriter Phil Parker

My client was stoked with the results:

“My story ‘Kindred’ is now a unique, fun and powerful screenplay because Phil challenges your story to be the most potent it can be. He really knows structure and how to write with economy, flair and versatility. Your script will be in great hands!” Josh Bryer, (Red Centre Films)

Set in the Australian Outback, with Indigenous Australians in several lead roles, Kindred is in the vein of popular films such as District 9 and Back to The Future. It tells the story of a reluctant Indigenous Australian who’s visited by his future daughter. She warns him that his childhood tormentor, a corrupt local cop, will soon become the world’s most feared terrorist, and only he has the power to stop him.

Aussie sci-fi script KINDRED screenwriter Phil Parker

Kindred, I’m excited to say, advanced to the SEMIFINALS in the prestigious BlueCat Screenplay Competition – one of the top 13 screenwriting competitions in the world! This puts it in the top 72 entries out of a total of 3272!

My client is thrilled again, and I’m certainly pleased to receive this dash of validation. Here’s what one of the BlueCat Screenplay Competition readers had to say about our Aussie sci-fi script ‘KINDRED’:

“WOW! What an enticing opening! And after… fantastic! The perfect visualization of good vs evil in society. The tension that’s been laced throughout lashes out at all the characters… and bleeds off the page.”BlueCat Reader.

And the reactions Kindred has received by others in the industry is equally exciting:

“Kindred is imaginative, action-packed, and exciting sci-fi script… filled to the gills with obstacles and action, never letting the stakes or danger let up for even a moment… a thrilling story in a world with an interesting mythology and plot that doesn’t stop moving.” – Black List reader

“(Kindred is) fantastic, adventurous, and loads of fun as it takes readers across The Outback, introduces them to uncommonly featured peoples, and manages to tell a story of grand proportions… The action and conflict were absolutely awesome… The stakes were high, the energy was great, and the fights were thrilling to read.” – reader

We’d love your help in spreading the word about this rollicking Aussie sci-fi adventure. Please share, Share, SHARE — because sharing is sexy 🙂 Cheers!


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