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Phil Parker is one of the most highly motivated and gifted writers I have ever worked with. "Top of one's game” is an often overused phrase, except in his case. Phil is your guy!

Stephen Barbour - Senior Producer (The Block, Reno Rumble)

Script Treatments

Every great script starts with a plan

There are two reasons why script treatments are good things for a writer, director or producer to have:

  • They can be used to organize thoughts and ensure all the many elements of a story are making sense before the writing begins on the actual script or screenplay.
  • Treatments (especially) are often used as a pitch tool to showcase an idea to potential investors.

Phil has been hired and re-hired by production companies to write these kinds of ‘concept blueprints’. Whether you need a five-page treatment for a screenplay; a pictorial treatment for a television commercial; or a 30-page outline for a script, Phil can help you  plan for success.

Script and Screenwriting Samples

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Phil's Clients include...

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Screenwriting Services

Concept to Screenplay

Have you got an idea for a film? Be it a concept, an outline, or even a novel, see your story come to life in a feature-length screenplay.

Script Doctor

If you've already got a script, get the help you need from a professional script doctor to make your next draft a polished one.

Script Coverage & Notes

Phil has evaluated screenplays for Hallmark, Cinergi, Roland Joffe and many private clients. Choose from a variety of affordable feedback options.

Explainer Videos & Promos

Explainer videos and promos require a specialized form of storytelling. Phil will write scripts for you that compel and entertain audiences.


Plan your script. Sell your idea.

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