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Hiring a great screenwriter is the best investment you'll ever make in your film. I look forward to hearing from you!


Sydney, Australia


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screenwriter, BBC, CBeebies, children's television screenwriter
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Phil Parker screenwriting
Phil Parker screenwriting
phil parker screenwriting
Sias Wilson BAFTA-winner contact Phil Parker screenwriter
Contact Phil Parker recommended by Stephen Barbour The Block producer
director production company

Original, precise and inventive are words that come to mind when I think of Phil’s script writing. I optioned his script and have collaborated with him for some time now. He's a natural writer and a realist in his approach to the business end of the industry, a skill that takes years to perfect. His energy, drive and organised approach really make our working relationship a pleasure.

Sias Wilson - BAFTA-winning producer (Rough Cut Pictures)

Phil Parker is one of the most highly motivated and gifted writers I have ever worked with. "Top of one's game” is an often overused phrase, except in his case. Phil is your guy!

Stephen Barbour - Senior Producer (The Block, Reno Rumble)

My concept for 'Catsaway' is now a perfectly constructed and very comprehensive treatment, with compelling characterizations and appealing plot. This would NEVER have happened without the assistance of Phil. I am very grateful to work with him, and still continue to do so. Thank you for running such a fine business. Great work!

Fadel AlMehiri - Producer (Tent Picture Productions)
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