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WRITING SAMPLE – ‘The Third Bomb’ (WWII action/ adventure)

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Below is a thrilling 5-page action opener from The Third Bomb, screenwriter Phil Parker’s multi-award winning spec scriptThe Third Bomb is currently under option with BAFTA-winner Sias Wilson, known for Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough (documentary), Hannibal (TV movie), The Golden Bowl (film), Space Race (TV mini-series) and many others.

Efforts to package the project are now under way. If you like what you see and know a producer, director, agent or manager that would be interested, please share this page using the social links below. Because sharing is sexy 🙂 Many thanks!!

“The Third Bomb is an incredibly well-written script with strong three-dimensional characters, a well-threaded theme, and action sequences that are both visual and exciting” – Black List reader.

“Likely to attract top international talent.” –


When a top U.S. pilot crash-lands on a Japanese island carrying the third atomic bomb, he’s forced to choose between honor and duty: detonate the bomb and annihilate a POW camp, or let the bomb fall into the hands of a disgraced Japanese commander.

An exciting WWII script. Optioned by a BAFTA-winner. Check it out! To Tweet

SAMPLE - Third Bomb by Phil Parker 081216 with Sias info

An exciting WWII script. Optioned by a BAFTA-winner. Check it out! To Tweet

Phil Parker

Phil Parker is a working screenwriter with clients in several countries. His highly awarded WWII script 'The Third Bomb' has been optioned by BAFTA-winning producer Sias Wilson. He also recently completed screenwriting work on 'Kindred', an Aboriginal sci-fi script for Red Centre Films; and 'Catsaway', an animated adventure for Tent Pictures Productions. In a previous life, he wrote, edited and produced promos and original videos for broadcast on four different BBC channels. His spot for 'Frontline War' beat out competitors from around the world to win Silver at the Global Excellence Promax BDA Awards in New York. Phil also offers script doctor and script analysis services for Auspol Media. Available for hire.

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