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The Fantastic Snore: Why comic book movies leave me feeling empty inside.

Aug 5, 2015 Phil Parker 2 Quick Film Reviews, Screenwriting , , , , , , ,

Tonight, the guy sitting behind us in the cinema caught some Zs while we were watching The Fantastic Four. At the end, his friend nudged him awake and the napper asked, “What happened?” Well, gee, I thought, where do I start? There were boring characters, a boring plot and a…


Black List review of ‘The Third Bomb’

Aug 3, 2015 Phil Parker 0 News, Screenwriting, Screenwriting News , , , , ,

BLACK LIST READER LOVES ‘THE THIRD BOMB’ My WWII action/ adventure screenplay ‘The Third Bomb’ received a great review on the prestigious industry website ‘The Black List’ www.blcklst.com not too long ago. The life of a screenwriter is filled with lots of rejection, so it’s days like this I have…


Producing Promos for the BBC

Jun 16, 2015 Phil Parker 0 Videos , , , , ,

Not only do I write screenplays, short films, content articles, newspaper articles and blogs, I also tell stories through my work as a promo/ trailer producer. The challenge here is to tell a captivating story in 30-60 seconds, using visuals, music, lyrics, script and graphics, that will compel television audiences…

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