Directors and production companies from around the world are hiring Phil! And rightly so. His ability to turn a good idea into a great screenplay is a talent anyone would want for their project

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In-depth Script Notes and Analysis

Phil Parker, StoriesByPhil, Screenwriter for hire

Detailed script notes by an award-winning, optioned and working screenwriter

Are you:

  • a screenwriter with a draft that needs in-depth script analysis?
  • a director with a script that needs detailed script notes?
  • a producer short on time who needs to know how to fix a script?

Screenwriter Phil Parker has worked for several high-profile companies, including Hallmark, Cinergi, director Roland Joffe, andĀ  screenwriting service The Script Doctor. He’s also helped countless individuals with script coverage and analysis to prepare their scripts for market (see reviews below). Phil has also had his articles on the craft of screenwriting published by Script Magazine, the world’s top screenwriting website.

Phil’s specialized approach as a script consultant brings hisĀ love for teaching, storytelling and the hero’s journey together to give clients the deepest possible insights into their screenplays. Page-by-page examples of dialogue, character, plot, pacing and formatting are addressed so it becomes clear what’s working in the script, and what’s not. See below for details on the script service Phil offers.

Need more than just notes on your script? Hire a screenwriter! Phil is available for collaboration on screenwriting projects, or as a stand-alone screenwriter for those who have a concept, synopsis or outline they need turned into a screenplay.

Script Consultant Services

script consultant Phil Parker storiesbyphil

With each script consult

you get all of this:

  • Personalized service and attention from the beginning so I understand what kind of storyteller you are and what you’re trying to achieve
  • A thorough reading of your script. I DON’T skim pages.
  • Page-by-page notes addressing examples of things that need attention, like plot, characters, dialogue, pacing, formatting.
  • That alone is more than most offer for the price, but with me, you also get…
  • a 30 min Skype/ FaceTime call so we can discuss/ brainstorm together over the most important issues you have.
  • Great prices: $250 (90-120p features), $150 (40-60p 1hr TV), $90 (25-30p half-hour TV).*

Script Consultant Testimonials

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