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Directors and production companies from around the world are hiring Phil! And rightly so. His ability to turn a good idea into a great screenplay is a talent anyone would want for their project

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Script and Screenwriting Resume


May -

Script Consultant | Script Doctor

Auspol Media Agency

– Working with creative agency Auspol Media ( as their go-to script consultant and script doctor for their members.
– Providing script coverage, script notes and script analysis of feature screenplays and TV pilot scripts.
– Collaborating with screenwriters on their screenplays to polish, script doctor, rewrite or write their concepts from scratch.

auspol media agency working with script consultant Phil Parker


November -

Script outline writer - Untitled Project

Tent Pictures Productions

Re-hired by award-winning production company, Tent Pictures Productions to write a comprehensive script outline based on their concept for a road-trip comedy feature film.

screenwriter, script doctor, hire a screenwriter


January - March

Screenwriter - Kindred

Red Centre Films

Re-hired by Red Centre Films for a concept tweak on the next draft of their indigenous sci-fi feature script, Kindred. The original concept and short film, by director Josh Bryer, was an Official Selection at the Australian, Melbourne Underground and Boston Sci-Fi Film Festivals.

Read 5-page opener for Kindred.

screenwriter for hire Phil Parker Aussie sci-fi screenplay Kindred


July - Sept.

Script outline writer - 'Street Cat'

Tent Pictures Productions

Hired by award-winning production company to write a comprehensive script outline for an (animated) adventure/ drama feature-length film.

“My concept for ‘Street Cat’ is now a perfectly constructed and very comprehensive treatment, with compelling characterizations and appealing plot. This would NEVER have happened without the assistance of Phil. I am very grateful to work with him, and still continue to do so. Thank you for running such a fine business. Great work!” – Fadel AlMehiri, Producer (Tent Pictures Productions).

Read Street Cat outline sample.

screenwriter, script doctor, hire a screenwriter

2015 - 16

Nov - Feb.

Screenwriter - 'Kindred'

Red Centre Films

Hired by Red Centre Films to write the feature script ‘Kindred‘ (story by Josh Bryer) – an Aussie sci-fi adventure inspired by his well-received short film.

“Kindred is unique, fun, powerful, meaningful and kick-arse because Phil challenges your story to be the most potent it can be. He really knows structure and how to write with economy, flair and versatility. Your script will be in great hands!” Josh Bryer, director (Red Centre Films)

“Kindred is fantastic, adventurous, and loads of fun. – Screencraft reader

“Imaginative and action-packed, Kindred is a thrilling story.” – Black List reader

2014 - 15

Screenwriter - 'The Third Bomb'

Spec Screenplay

A multi-award winning, WWII action/ adventure screenplay by screenwriter Phil Parker.

LATEST NEWS 11-08-16: ‘The Third Bomb’ is now under option with a BAFTA-winning producer.

Logline: When a top U.S. pilot crash-lands on a Japanese island carrying the third atomic bomb, he’s forced to choose between honor and duty: detonate the bomb and annihilate a nearby POW camp, or let the bomb fall into the hands of a disgraced Japanese commander.”

Visit the official website for The Third Bomb

“An excellent script. Dialogue smooth and natural. Characters unique, engaging and easy to root for.” – Austin Film Festival reader

“An incredibly well-written screenplay.” – Black List reader

“Likely to attract top international talent.” –

Read 5-page opener for The Third Bomb

Black List The Third Bomb screenwriter Phil Parker the third bomb


Let's get started.


Script writer/ Producer - BiteSize: Ep1


Successfully pitched, received funds for and produced a pilot for an original infotainment show on the BBC, presented by footy legend and best-selling author, Peter FitzSimons.

View the pilot episode.

tv pilot tv script writer Phil Parker

2013 - 15

Script writer/ Producer - BBC Shorts


Created concepts and wrote over 30 scripts for original short programs, performed by two Australian hosts and aired on the BBC’s flagship children’s channel, CBeebies.

View sample episodes.

Easter bunny BBC short Phil Parker

2009 - 15

Script writer/ Producer/ Editor


Full-time creative producer for BBC Worldwide in Sydney, Australia. Produced, edited and wrote scripts for promos and original short content for broadcast four different BBC channels.

Winner of a Promax BDA Global Excellence Award in New York for the BBC Campaign, Frontline War.



Script writer/ Producer/ Editor

History Channel/ C&I Channel

Freelance contractor for The History Channel and the Crime & Investigation Channel in Sydney, Australia. Produced, edited and wrote scripts for on-air promos.


screenwriter history channel script writer
explainer videos and promo scripts


Script writer/ Producer/ Editor


Freelance promo producer for most of the major broadcast and cable television channels in Sydney, Australia, including Ten, Nine, Seven, Arena, Biography, Fox8 and Nickelodeon. Produced, edited and wrote scripts for on-air promos.


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