My story ‘Kindred’ is now a unique, fun and powerful screenplay because Phil challenges your story to be the most potent it can be. He really knows structure and how to write with economy, flair and versatility. Your script will be in great hands!

Josh Bryer - Director (Red Centre Films)


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screenwriter Phil Parker

Originally from Washington, D.C., screenwriter Phil Parker grew up in Taiwan and Australia before leaving to travel through Asia and the USSR by train. After graduating from UT Austin’s Liberal Arts honors program, he sought out even more adventures, working as a scuba master and opera actor in Australia; and as a broker’s assistant on the hectic trading floor of the Chicago Exchange.

With a barrel full of experiences and a love for storytelling, Phil found his true calling after studying screenwriting and earning his MA at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. For 12 years he worked at major broadcast and cable TV channels in Sydney, writing and producing promos and original content. Along the way, his script writing and screenwriting earned him multiple awards, including First Place at the Nashville Film Festival and a Global Excellence Promax BDA Award in New York.

Today, Phil continues to be hired and re-hired by clients from around the world to write for film, TV and video. Schedule permitting, he also likes to jump out of an airplane when he can.


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Screenplays by Phil: Reviews

"Kindred (written by Phil Parker) is a fantastic, adventurous screenplay with loads of fun as it takes readers across The Outback, introduces them to uncommonly featured peoples, and manages to tell a story of grand proportions. The action and conflict were absolutely awesome... The stakes were high, the energy was great, and the fights were thrilling to read." - SCREENCRAFT READER REVIEW

‘Kindred’ - an Aboriginal sci-fi adventure

"This is an incredibly well written script with strong and three-dimensional characters, a well threaded theme, and action sequences that are both visual and exciting. Everything really comes together in this script, from the minor scenes to the overarching theme of doing the right thing vs. following orders." - BLACK LIST READER REVIEW

‘The Third Bomb’ - a WWII action/ adventure

Phil's Clients include...

explainer videos and promo scripts
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Screenwriter Phil Parker: Services

Concept to Screenplay

Have you got an idea for a film? Be it a concept, an outline, or even a novel, see your story come to life in a feature-length screenplay.

Script Doctor

If you've already got a script, get the help you need in making your next draft a professionally polished one.

Outlines and Treatments

Whether it's 5 pages or 30 pages, outlines and treatments are essential before, and after, a screenplay is written. We'll help you craft a great one.

Explainer Videos & Promos

Explainer videos and promos require a specialized form of storytelling. Phil will write scripts for you that compel and entertain audiences.

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