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Phil on the ISA Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch List!

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ISA Spotlights Top Screenwriters

Screenwriter Phil Parker has been honored by the International Screenwriter’s Association with his inclusion on the ISA’s Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2018 List this week. Chosen from their 10,000+ members, the list includes screenwriters who have had films produced, been hired by production companies, won major film festivals, and even an Oscar-nominated screenwriter. It’s certainly a welcome, and humbling, stamp of approval to get from such a wonderful organization that works hard to help screenwriters around the world.

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Phil’s 2017 screenwriting highlights:

  • hired again by Red Centre Films to work on the indigenous sci-fi feature script ‘Kindred’, which went on to reach the SEMIFINALS (top 72 of 3272 entries) in the highly-regarded BlueCat Screenplay Competition 2017.
  • hired again by Tent Pictures to story design and write the script for a movie trailer, which will be used to help raise funds for the production of CATSAWAY – the animation project he also developed and wrote for them in 2016
  • hired again by Tent Pictures to write a 30 page outline for a comedy/ road trip feature script
  • hired by screenwriter Nadi Sha to script doctor his feature-length drama script
  • hired by the producers of the action film project ‘Real Target‘, Auspol Media and several screenwriters as a script consultant
  • hired again by Tent Pictures to story design and write the script for a 3D graphics video that demonstrates how the United Arab Emirates’s cyber security division is protecting the country. To be shown at a major international conference.
  • hired by a production company to ghostwrite the pilot episode for an animated series based on an established comic strip.
  • BAFTA-winning producer Sias Wilson renewed his 12 month option on Phil’s WWII action/ adventure script ‘The Third Bomb‘ after major companies and agencies showed interest in the project at Cannes and the European Film Market.

Phil would dearly love your help in spreading the word about his screenwriting services, so please share, Share, SHARE — because sharing is sexy 🙂 Cheers!

If you’d like to follow Phil’s screenwriting journey, check him out on Facebook and Instagram.

Phil Parker

Screenwriter Phil Parker is one of ISA’s Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2018. His multi-award winning WWII script is being packaged by BAFTA-winning producer Sias Wilson in London; and two animation projects he was hired to work on are in development with Tent Pictures in Abu Dhabi. Phil is also a sought-after script consultant with clients in Australia, the US and England.

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