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Building your story from the ground up

Need to hire a professional screenwriter?

Maybe you have the rights to a book, an article or someone’s life story that you want to turn into a screenplay. Or maybe you just have an idea that you think would make a great movie. Whatever your starting place is, the key to ending up with a great script, is planning.

Before a screenwriter commits to typing page one of your script, they need to drill down and discover the most important thing of all:

  • what is the beating heart of your story. In other words, what will make an audience care about the characters and the journey they go on.

Once identified, the screenwriter can then start planning the structure of the screenplay:

  • character outlines
  • plot outlines/ treatments
  • and beat sheets.

Whatever the combination of tools the screenwriter uses, the ultimate goal is to have a well-thought out first draft so that the project doesn’t get bogged down in endless rewrites.

Phil’s written several screenplays and script outlines for directors and production companies. He specializes in creating beat sheets for his projects that help identify scene/ story arcs and goals. He’s available on a work-for-hire basis as sole screenwriter, or as a collaborator.

script consultant

A great screenwriter!

"My indigenous sci-fi story KINDRED is now a unique, fun and powerful screenplay because Phil challenges your story to be the most potent it can be. He really knows structure and how to write with economy, flair and versatility. KINDRED even won 1st Place at the Native American Tribal Film Festival! Your script will be in great hands!"

Josh Bryer, Red Centre Films


Josh Bryer, Red Centre Films

script consultant

Sias Wilson BAFTA-winner contact Phil Parker screenwriter

A pleasure to work with!

“Phil’s script writing is original and inventive. He’s a natural! That's why I optioned his script. His energy and drive also makes our working relationship a pleasure. We've opened some big doors, gotten people interested and are packaging The Third Bomb now!”

Sias Wilson, Producer (BAFTA-winner)


Sias Wilson, Producer (BAFTA-winner)

Sias Wilson BAFTA-winner contact Phil Parker screenwriter

Phil's Clients include...

screenwriter history channel script writer
screenwriter, BBC hires script writer, creative producer

director production company

Beyond thrilled with screenwriter Phil!

"Written, sealed, and delivered. I am beyond thrilled and grateful to work with screenwriter Phil Parker on my animation feature project "Catsaway". A special shout out to him for helping shepherd me through the maze of perfecting the story during the development phase. Way to go!"

Fadel AlMehiri, Director (Tent Pictures)


Fadel AlMehiri, Director (Tent Pictures)

director production company

karel segers story department

No hesitation in recommending Phil!

“Directors and production companies from around the world are hiring screenwriter Phil Parker! And rightly so. His ability to turn a good idea into a great screenplay is a talent anyone would want for their project.”

Karel Segers, Writer/Analyst (The Story Dept.)


Karel Segers, Writer/Analyst (The Story Dept.)

karel segers story department

Screenwriting Services

Outlines & Treatments

Script treatments and screenplay outlines are useful tools for producers and directors. Get one written for you.

Script Doctor

If you've already got a script, get the help you need from a professional script doctor to make your next draft a polished one.

Script Coverage & Notes

Phil has evaluated screenplays for Hallmark, Cinergi, Roland Joffe and many private clients. Choose from a variety of affordable feedback options.

Explainer Videos & Promos

Explainer videos and promos require a specialized form of storytelling. Phil will write scripts for you that compel and entertain audiences.


Hire a screenwriter with proven experience.

Phil's Screenwriting News

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    SCREENWRITER HIRED FOR TIMELY WWII SCRIPT After the successful completion of a script for producers in the UK and India recently, Phil has been hired again. This time by Toil Films in Australia to write a very timely WWII action/drama focused on a special group of aviators and their daring…

  • CATSAWAY screenwriter Phil Parker director Fadel AlMeiri
    08 May 2018. By Phil Parker

    CATSAWAY – THE MOVIE Screenwriter Phil Parker was hired to develop the animated feature film CATSAWAY from a bare-bones idea to a fully formed 30-page treatment for a production company in Abu Dhabi. The producers were so impress with the results they commissioned the animation house Juice to produce a…

  • screenwriter Phil Parker BROKEN WINGS
    12 April 2018. By Phil Parker

    SCREENWRITER PHIL PARKER HIRED FOR FEATURE-FILM PROJECT Producers Ravindra Choudhary, Rob Kaplan and Tanuj Kumar Bansal have hired screenwriter Phil Parker to write the script for their feature-film project BROKEN WINGS. Rob Kaplan attached to direct. Details on the story are being kept under wraps for now but it’s an…

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