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Screenwriter Phil Parker was hired to develop the animated feature film CATSAWAY from a bare-bones idea to a fully formed 30-page treatment for a production company in Abu Dhabi. The producers were so impress with the results they commissioned the animation house Juice to produce a teaser for the film.

The teaser shown above has no VO and only a glimpse of characters and story, but it does invite the audience in for a sneak peek at the secret underground world of these Abu Dhabi cats.

The film is now in production.


Catsaway tells the tale of ANBAR, a street cat down on his luck and looking for a home who one day finds a community of cats in need of a hero to help save them from a city government bent on cleaning up the streets of Abud Dhabi. But between them and salvation lies the nefarious members of Abud Dhabi’s underground Cat Mafia. Anbar and his new buddies are between a rock and a hard place and time is running out!

CATSAWAY SAMPLE – read a 5-page sample of the animation treatment

Need a screenwriter for your next project? Phil Parker has several films in active development with producers, including THE THIRD BOMB, BROKEN WINGS, CATSAWAY… and is in contract negotiations to write a WWII action/drama for a producer set to make his next film with major Hollywood film stars, agents and production companies attached. More news on that to come! 🙂


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Phil Parker

Phil Parker is one of ISA's Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch. He's been hired for writing assignments by producers and directors in Australia, the UK, India, and the UAE. His WWII script THE THIRD BOMB is being packaged by a BAFTA-winning producer in London. And CATSAWAY, the animated feature he was hired to develop, is now in production. Phil is also a sought-after script consultant with clients around the world.

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