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Catsaway movie Abu Dhabi UAE

‘CATSAWAY’ film – voice auditions, animators and industry interest

Jun 14, 2017 Phil Parker 2 Screenwriting News

Development rockets forward on CATSAWAY movie

Catsaway voice auditions

It was thrilling for this screenwriter to see the award-winning team at Tent Pictures Productions hold their first voice auditions in Abu Dhabi this past weekend for CATSAWAY, the exciting new animated feature-film project I was hired to develop and outline for them. Director Fadel AlMehiri stirred up a lot of interest in the concept after presenting it at a recent festival in the UAE which led to an amazing turnout of talent.

CATSAWAY movie trailer in production

Taking advantage of my experience as a promo producer, Tent Pictures also hired me to write and develop a trailer script for CATSAWAY. Animators in Ireland and the US are set to start production of the trailer this month.

CATSAWAY in Australia

Catsaway director Fadel AlMehiri

The director’s passionate belief in this project has led him to commission artists to sculpt character models and illustrate scenes from my story outline, and his efforts are already paying off. After seeing these captivating images on social media, industry players in Australia have been sitting up and taking notice. They think CATSAWAY holds great potential for both film and TV, as well as merchandising opportunities, and we couldn’t agree more 🙂

CATSAWAY screenwriter available

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Phil Parker

Phil Parker is a working screenwriter with clients in several countries. His highly awarded WWII script 'The Third Bomb' has been optioned by BAFTA-winning producer Sias Wilson. He also recently completed screenwriting work on 'Kindred', an Aboriginal sci-fi script for Red Centre Films; and 'Catsaway', an animated adventure for Tent Pictures Productions. In a previous life, he wrote, edited and produced promos and original videos for broadcast on four different BBC channels. His spot for 'Frontline War' beat out competitors from around the world to win Silver at the Global Excellence Promax BDA Awards in New York. Phil also offers script doctor and script analysis services for Auspol Media. Available for hire.

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