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CATSAWAY movie project WOWS at Abu Dhabi festival

May 13, 2017 Phil Parker 1 Screenwriting, Screenwriting News , , , , , ,

CATSAWAY creates a buzz in the UAE

Last year director Fadel AlMehiri at Tent Pictures Productions hired me to develop an idea for his animated feature film concept – children love catsaway movie tentpic abu dhabi uaethe CATSAWAY movie project. He was thrilled with the result:

“My concept for the Catsaway movie is now a perfectly constructed and very comprehensive treatment, with compelling characterizations and appealing plot. This would NEVER have happened without the assistance of Phil. I am very grateful to work with him, and still continue to do so. Thank you for running such a fine business. Great work!”


Work on the project this month really started catsaway movie tent pictures animation filmtaking shape as Fadel took the Catsaway movie concept on the road to a major festival in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He and his team prepared sculpted action figures of the main characters and built an impressive mock-up of one of the scenes from the story outline I created. They also produced several animation cells depicting other scenes, as well as actual promotional merchandise to showcase the potential the film and its story have to generate a great return for investors. I can’t wait to see how things progress!

The story of the Catsaway movie is that of its hero, Anbar, a charming but spoiled house cat who is thrown out of his home one day and forced to live among the dangerous alley cats and Mafia felines of Abu Dhabi’s underworld. There Catsaway movie Abu Dhabi animation filmhe becomes an unlikely and reluctant hero who must choose between saving himself and the girl he loves, and a colony of stray cats facing extermination by the local government.

While the Catsaway…

In the meantime, Tent Pictures was so impressed with my work on the Catsaway movie that they now have me working on an outline for another feature film. This time, it’s a road-trip adventure about two bickering Emiratees and a chicken recipe as they chase their dreams through the American southwest with a killer hot on their heels!

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Phil Parker

Phil Parker is a working screenwriter with clients in several countries. His highly awarded WWII script 'The Third Bomb' has been optioned by BAFTA-winning producer Sias Wilson. He also recently completed screenwriting work on 'Kindred', an Aboriginal sci-fi script for Red Centre Films; and 'Catsaway', an animated adventure for Tent Pictures Productions. In a previous life, he wrote, edited and produced promos and original videos for broadcast on four different BBC channels. His spot for 'Frontline War' beat out competitors from around the world to win Silver at the Global Excellence Promax BDA Awards in New York. Phil also offers script doctor and script analysis services for Auspol Media. Available for hire.

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