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Phil's screenwriting is original, precise and inventive. He's a natural writer with an energy and drive that really makes our working relationship a pleasure.

Sias Wilson - BAFTA-winning producer

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Phil is a professional, multi-award winning and optioned screenwriter who can transform your idea for a story into a fully realized script; or help you bring the next draft of an existing screenplay to a higher level. He also has years of experience as a promo script writer, and can make any explainer video entertain and inform its audience. Just looking for script feedback? Phil offers script coverage, notes and in-depth analysis packages that can help you separate the fat from the meat in a screenplay.

Screenwriter-for-hire Phil Parker brings a passion and visual style to his work that’s earned him¬†high praise¬†around the world. His wide range of colorful life experiences infuses his storyteller’s voice with a unique perspective. It’s why he specializes in applying a hero’s journey approach to his screenwriting. After all, every story, big or small, is an adventure at heart.

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  • WGA strike spec deals
    02 April 2017. By Phil Parker
    WGA strike, Spec deals and Phil in the news

    WGA STRIKE LOOMS… SOME HOPE BLOOMS. The odds stacked against a screenwriter in today’s movie/ television world are pretty daunting. Beyond the everyday challenges of an outsider getting a script noticed in an ocean full of competitors, this month the Writer’s Guild of America is proposing a writer’s strike. Now, […]

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Screenwriter For Hire: Services

Concept to Screenplay

Have you got an idea for a film? Be it a concept, an outline, or even a novel, see your story come to life in a feature-length screenplay.

Script Doctor

If you've already got a script, get the help you need from a professional script doctor to make your next draft a polished one.

Outlines & Treatments

Whether it's 5 pages or 30 pages, outlines and treatments are essential before, and after, a screenplay is written. We'll help you craft a great one.

Explainer Videos & Promos

Explainer videos and promos require a specialized form of screenwriting. Phil can write scripts for you that will compel and entertain audiences.

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