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Phil Parker is a screenwriter who brings a passion and visual style to his work that’s earned him high praise from around the world. He’s been hired and re-hired to write screenplays for production companies and scripts for original content on the BBC. Phil specializes in applying a ‘hero’s journey’ approach to his screenwriting because he believes every story, big or small, is an adventure at heart. He offers a range of service for producers, directors and screenwriters who want to make sure the right words are on the page.

screenwriter for hire Phil Parker

He’s a professional, multi-award winning and optioned screenwriter who can bring your idea from concept to script; or help you bring your next draft to a higher level. Phil also has years of experience as a promo script writer and can make any explainer video entertain and inform its audience. Just looking for script feedback? Phil offers script coverage, notes and in-depth analysis packages that can help you separate the fat from the meat in your screenplay.

Phil's clients include...

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BBC CBeebies children's television screenwriter

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Why Choose Phil?

Producers, directors and TV channels around the world are hiring and re-hiring Phil to write for them. Here are just some of the reasons why.


Dedicated service to clients

From initial brief to final product, Phil provides clients with dedicated, one-on-one service throughout the development process. You can work as hands-on or as hands-off as you wish. Feedback is always listened to, work-shopped and implemented to the client’s satisfaction.

Optioned Screenwriter

BAFTA-winning producer Sias Wilson has shown his belief in Phil by optioning his screenplay ‘The Third Bomb’. Sias is known for Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough (documentary), Hannibal (TV movie), The Golden Bowl (film), Space Race (TV mini-series) and many others.

Hired and Re-hired by Companies

Phil has been hired and re-hired for his ability to write scripts that entertain and engage audiences. Some of his clients include Tent Picture Productions, Red Centre Films, BBC Worldwide, The History Channel and many others.

Multi-award winner

Phil’s script and screenplay writing has earned him multiple awards. He won First Place at the Nashville Film Festival; a Global Excellence Promax BDA Award in NY; and Second Place at the Houston Film Festival. Phil was also a Finalist at the prestigious Script Pipeline and Screencraft Screenwriting Competitins; and a 2nd Rounder at the Austin Film Festival.

Original, precise and inventive are words that come to mind when I think of Phil’s script writing. I optioned his script and have collaborated with him for some time now. He's a natural writer and a realist in his approach to the business end of the industry, a skill that takes years to perfect. His energy, drive and organised approach really make our working relationship a pleasure.

Sias Wilson - BAFTA-winning producer (Rough Cut Pictures)

Screenwriter For Hire: Services

Concept to Screenplay

Have you got an idea for a film? Be it a concept, an outline, or even a novel, see your story come to life in a feature-length screenplay.

Script Doctor

If you've already got a script, get the help you need from a professional script doctor to make your next draft a polished one.

Outlines & Treatments

Whether it's 5 pages or 30 pages, outlines and treatments are essential before, and after, a screenplay is written. We'll help you craft a great one.

Explainer Videos & Promos

Explainer videos and promos require a specialized form of screenwriting. Phil can write scripts for you that will compel and entertain audiences.

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Phil's Screenwriting News

  • 08 November 2016. By Phil Parker
    ‘The Third Bomb’ secures BAFTA-winning producer.

    Phil Parker’s multi-award winning WWII script The Third Bomb has now been optioned by BAFTA-winner Sias Wilson, known for Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough (documentary), Hannibal (TV movie), The Golden Bowl (film), Space Race (TV mini-series) and many others. Sias’s experience as a producer, director and writer working with other BAFTA […]

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