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“Phil’s script writing is original and inventive. He’s a natural! That's why I optioned his script! His energy and drive also makes our working relationship a pleasure.”

Sias Wilson - BAFTA-winning producer

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As an Australian screenwriter, script consultant and script doctor, Phil has done work for clients both locally and in the US, the UK and the UAE. He has two feature films in active development with producers (The Third Bomb and Catsaway); has won multiple awards; and garnered praise from producers, directors and production companies. Combining his unique set of life experiences  with his mastery of the hero’s journey story paradigm, Phil has the skills you need to get your screenplay written, with powerful imagery and emotional depth. As a script doctor, he can also help make the next draft of an existing screenplay ready for market.

With years of experience as an Australian screenwriter making award-winning promos for the BBC, Phil also has the skills to make any explainer video entertain and inform its audience. Looking for a script consultant? Phil offers script coverage, notes and in-depth analysis packages that can help you separate the fat from the meat in a screenplay.

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Beyond thrilled with screenwriter Phil!

"Written, sealed, and delivered. I am beyond thrilled and grateful to work with screenwriter Phil Parker on my animation feature project "Catsaway". A special shout out to him for helping shepherd me through the maze of perfecting the story during the development phase. Way to go!"

Fadel AlMehiri, Director (Tent Pictures Productions)


Fadel AlMehiri, Director (Tent Pictures Productions)

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No hesitation in recommending Phil!

“Directors and production companies from around the world are hiring screenwriter Phil Parker! And rightly so. His ability to turn a good idea into a great screenplay is a talent anyone would want for their project.”

Karel Segers, Story Analyst (The Story Dept.)


Karel Segers, Story Analyst (The Story Dept.)

karel segers story department

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Phil's Screenwriting News

  • wwii spect script The Third Bomb screenwriter Phil Parker
    28 June 2017. By Phil Parker
    WWII spec script THE THIRD BOMB at Cannes

    BAFTA-WINNER OPENS DOORS FOR WWII SPEC SCRIPT My WWII spec script, The Third Bomb – a ‘secret history’ story about the doomed flight of the third atomic bomb – has garnered interest with major production companies, agencies and producers in the UK after some fantastic efforts by BAFTA-winning producer Sias Wilson…

  • Catsaway movie Abu Dhabi UAE
    14 June 2017. By Phil Parker
    ‘CATSAWAY’ film – voice auditions, animators and industry interest

    Development rockets forward on CATSAWAY movie It was thrilling for this screenwriter to see the award-winning team at Tent Pictures Productions hold their first voice auditions in Abu Dhabi this past weekend for CATSAWAY, the exciting new animated feature-film project I was hired to develop and outline for them. Director Fadel…

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Concept to Screenplay

Have you got an idea for a film? Be it a concept, an outline, or even a novel, see your story come to life in a feature-length screenplay.

Script Doctor

If you've already got a script, get the help you need from a professional script doctor to make your next draft a polished one.

Outlines & Treatments

Whether it's 5 pages or 30 pages, outlines and treatments are essential before, and after, a screenplay is written. We'll help you craft a great one.

Explainer Videos & Promos

Explainer videos and promos require a specialized form of screenwriting. Phil can write scripts for you that will compel and entertain audiences.

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